Jordan Schoen

It's June 2016. I'm sitting on a lazy boy in my one bedroom apartment in Boise, Idaho. Temperatures are closing in on the triple digits and my apartment has the kind of air conditioning that you'd expect from a building constructed in 1916. I'm sweating, but unless the situation drastically changes, I'm probably not going to move for another few hours. Netflix wants to know if I'm still watching. I am and I appreciate that it asked, but this ultimately puts me in a rough situation. The remote is far enough away I can't toe grab it with my foot and if I get up I'll have to expend more energy than I'm willing to part with. The story behind this situation is a familiar one. You go out to see live music, you drink 16oz samples of all the new seasonal beers, grab food that only looks appetizing when your eyes can't focus properly, then wake up the next day on your couch looking like a fat version of the painting of Rose from the movie Titanic. The story was playing out the same way it always does. That is until Netflix had to go and start asking questions. At this point its clear that my only option is to develop Jedi powers and force grab the remote. After a few minutes of intense focus, I basically have the remote. I can see it doing that wiggly thing that always happens in the movies when the force wants you to say please. Anyways, Its about to fly into my hand when suddenly the Apple TV screen saver pops up to an aerial view of New York City in all its glory. I was captivated.

I have to be honest, the rest of the details are a little hazy, but I do know that I bought a one way ticket to John F. Kennedy airport that day. I touched down on November 1st, 2016 and you can now find me on the streets of the city taking photos, making videos and meeting new people.